600% ROI with Check-6’s Performance Excellence®



Performance Excellence® project results in 600% ROI

Author: Yarko “J.J.” Sos Check-6 Co-Founder


An organic fertilizer manufacturer in Western USA had production consistency challenges due to human error and unplanned downtime. Check-6 Performance Excellence® consulting project targeted human performance improvements that reduced  unplanned downtime and operator error.



Enhanced production consistency resulted in improving plant “up-time” by 5% and increased production by 100 tons per day. Production growth resulted in ROI of 600%.



Plant leadership identified three areas of concern: procedural compliance, team behaviors, and leadership skills.

Management desired a step change increase in operational reliability and efficiency at their fertilizer plant. Front line personnel were skeptical of previous performance improvement initiatives and assumed possible “flavor of the month” perspective.

Additionally, corporate COVID-19 mitigation plans resulted in plant management working from home the majority of the consulting project time.

Check-6’s Vince “Bluto” Saporito onsite


The Check-6 Performance Excellence® Training Program focuses on the three interdependent aspects of human performance that contribute to organizational culture:

  • Leadership to ensure alignment and drive lasting organizational
  • Operational Process to develop procedural discipline, verifiable compliance, and a system of continuous
  • Team Behaviors to instill high-performance

These focus areas help the crew to avoid, trap, and mitigate the main sources of human error and ensure operational reliability that leads to safe, efficient, quality- controlled, and profitable operations.

Over a 5-month period, Check-6 consultants coached and mentored plant leadership and front-line personnel to:

  • Introduce Performance Excellence principals and facilitate daily incorporation of those habits, including setting a culture and expectations of task Standardize shift briefings and turnover protocols that focus on execution and performance.
  • Improve Operations and Maintenance group communications and
  • Introduce checklist culture and build checklists around high potential human error
  • Mitigate and overcome “work from home” issues by targeting leadership engagement and communication


Unplanned downtime reduction of 4.4% resulted in increased plant availability. Fertilizer production increased on average of 100 Tons per day, which equates to 10% production improvement, and a revenue increase of $1.7 million over a 90-day period. Results achieved produced an ROI in excess of 600%.


Plant leadership commitment to culture change was the key to success. Front-line personnel were willing to change habits and sustain improve performance because they saw leadership support their efforts.  The ROI achieved is a direct result of a team effort, the willingness to expect more, and the acceptance of a performance focus.


Our cadre of global human performance experts consult and mentor in more than 20 languages. Our coaches apply their decades of military experience operating in complex, high-consequence environments to assist companies striving to optimize human performance while facing similar challenges and opportunities. 

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