Senior Performance Coach

“Hunter” is an experienced Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Officer, retired after 37 years of service for King and Country with the rank of Major. He was in charge of the Assault Squadron, Search & Rescue Squadron, Support Squadron and he was the Standards and Examination officer for the RMAF SAR teams in both Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia.

He was the Operations Officer in Ground Based Air Defense Squadron in RMAF Kuantan. He has also served as Staff Officer in Joint Force HQ in Mindef and has served in both the Tactical and Operational levels. He has coordinated and conducted courses, meetings, workshops, seminars and lectures. He was a Safety Officer (Pest Control) when he served in RMAF Kuantan.

“Hunter” has organized, planned and registered 3 x Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for the RMAF Regiment. While he was in Joint Force Headquarters, he organized, planned, conducted and penned the doctrine on Joint Special Operation Forces, involving the three Special Forces units of Malaysia.

He has excellent personnel management and leadership skills and also has the ability to empathized with people. He is self-motivated and has a high level of initiative in carrying out any given task and can work independently.He has been awarded with various awards, and medals, and holds a Master’s degree in Management.

He has participated in many exercises with the American Green berets and USAF Combat Control Team and Para Rescue teams. Some of the short courses, seminars and exercises that he has attended: Close Quarter Battle (CQB), Air Field Assault, Waterborne Operations, Medical Classes, Counter Terrorism, Special Propose Insertion & Extraction (SPIE Rig), Fast Roping, Water Extraction, Night Insertion and Communications.

“Hunter” joined Check-6 in 2014 and is actively involved in coaching both onshore and offshore.

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