Billy J. Bennett

Vice President Western Hemisphere

Billy Bennett comes to Check 6 with more than 30 years of experience working in all aspects of the oil and gas industry around the world. He brings an extensive Performance Excellence background and safety culture that supports and enhances our unique concept in managing risk, providing continuous improvement and ultimately, optimization of operations.

Billy spent years successfully working many jobs directly and indirectly supporting U.S. land drilling operations. During one of the epic energy industry downturns, Billy enlisted in the US Army Field Artillery Corp., spending many years as a field artillery surveyor, ultimately taking an education hiatus to finish college and ROTC at Oklahoma State University. He received a commission as an Artillery Officer, specializing in Rocket Delivery systems. Upon leaving the military, he returned to  the oil and gas busines, working for an industry-leading well services company functioning in technical and operational management roles both on and offshore.  Realizing that huge performance gaps existed in the existence of technology, and  the deployment of technology, he focused major efforts on the development of Exceptional Performance Organizations. Eventually, Billy introduced those practices to leading industry E&P organizations working in the North America shale revolution by helping them develop a focus for safety, operational effectiveness and capital efficiency.

Most Recently, Billy worked with venture capital groups in an advisory role to new start-ups and merging entities, helping to drive them to be successful organizations that deliver a promised return on investment. He also helped to recognize and evaluate opportunities for venture capital deployment and investment.

Billy spent years looking for a methodology the could transform underperforming companies into highly reliable organizations that continually surpass expectations and look towards continuous improvement. While working at one of the major North America shale players, he hired Check 6 to help change some underperforming operations. The results of that were so measurably dramatic, that he knew he had to partner with Check 6 in some way. That opportunity has allowed him to give back to Check 6 in the continued growth of a spectacular company and group of people.

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