Case Study: Delivering Success Through Adversity in Nigeria

Conquering the Most Austere Environments on Earth

Clients turn to Check-6 when faced with the most difficult challenges to their business.  Check-6 Coaches bring decades of experience leading teams and accomplishing mission success in the world’s most challenging environments including combat theaters.  Recently, a long-term partner company was experiencing incredible barriers to successful operations overseas.  Their challenges literally erupted in flames when criminals exploded a remote section of pipeline to steal oil.  After the fires were extinguished, the company called on Check-6 to lead a Human Performance campaign to elevate their operations and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.


The historic impediments to this partner company’s success were centered on human factors as well as the business and physical environment in which they were operating.  Profit margins were razor thin, resources were scarce, and the odds were against achievement of corporate goals and objectives.

  • Human factors: The workforce was inexperienced in terms of industry standards and level of skilled craftsmen. Also, pay and benefits were frequently disrupted and service providers worked for months at a time without pay.
  • Heavily regulated industry and government involvement: In an effort to protect the country from foreign companies exploiting natural resources without contributing to the local economy, the host nation’s government mandated local content quotas (for example: a certain percentage of the crew force had to be from the adjacent regional population and all foreign employees’ work visas had to be sponsored through a local company).  This constrained efficiency options available to the client.
  • Multiple companies working together for the first time presented conflicting interests and many gaps for the leadership team to bridge.
  • Equipment age and condition was often well-below standards seen on other parts of the world.
  • Logistic challenges plagued progress including maintenance issues, lack of infrastructure, and supply chain time and costs. These challenges exacerbated the already difficult business and operational conditions.
  • Security environment characterized by a high threat of kidnap for ransom and high threat of other crimes related to theft of petroleum. These factors drive overall operational costs through contracted security forces, operations interruptions/suspensions, insurance costs, and other expenses.


Check-6 began the Human Performance campaign with a comprehensive analysis of the partner’s operations including a 923-point review of organizational performance in the areas of Leadership, Team Behavior, and Operational Processes as well as interviews with over 400 personnel at 3 work locations.  Check-6 worked with the company’s senior leaders and developed a detailed plan to address each of the  areas for improvement identified in the assessment.  Check-6 coaches executed the plan by embedding with the partner company and associated business partners at worksites to reinforce principles and theory through daily actionable behaviors and habits.  Critical to successful implementation was strategic coaching at company headquarters combined with operational coaching at the worksites to ensure alignment and synchronization of effort.

  1. Operationalize Performance Excellence® and Human Performance principles (plan-based execution, capture lessons-learned and incorporate into planning and execution cycle , leadership development, teamwork, communication, mutual support, daily goal-setting, etc..)
  2. Coach the tools and techniques needed to change the culture to one of procedural discipline (digital procedures systems, leadership verification and validation, governance of procedures, coaching best practices)
  3. Bridge gaps and collaborate with on-site leaders from various teams and organizations working towards unity of effort including Operations, Engineering, Safety, support and service providers  (used “train the trainer” model so that daily actions lead to longer term performance habits and cultural change)
  4. Illuminated and followed-through with innovative solutions in the areas of logistics efficiencies including leveraging Check-6 vast experience with maritime operations as well as program management tactics, techniques and procedures including Waterfall, Lean, Agile, Kanban, Scrum, and Extreme Programming.


Check-6 assisted our partner to achieve a shift in business culture from one of barely complying with minimal standards to one driven towards continuous improvement in pursuit of performance perfection.  Check-6 coaches worked with on-site leaders in a “train the trainer” approach reinforced through daily interactions with the entire team.  By campaign’s end, the team was dedicated to consistent, predictable performance through collaboration across the entire crew force.

  1. Reduced non-productive time by more than 20 hours comparing the same operations to prior years. This resulted in multi-million of dollars in savings. Contributed to client exceeding annual cost/profit targets.
  2. The team set 3 records for efficiency in clients’ published performance metrics.
  3. Zero personnel injuries and zero major safety incidents during campaign duration


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