Performance Coach

“Racoon” is an experienced military pilot, having served for 31 years in the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), which has provided Choy “Racoon” Swee On with vast experience in managing people and valuable assets in a High Reliable Organisation.  He has built his career from a young officer to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  He was a  fighter pilot in the RMAF, having flown the MB-339A, F-5E/F, RF-5E, F/A-18D and Su-30MKM.

His main career achievement was commanding the RMAF Air Warfare Centre which oversees the review of RMAF Air Power doctrines and conducts Air Power courses for new graduates and commissioned officers from the Malaysia Air Force College and National Defence University Malaysia. He attained great experience in management during the appointment as Executive Officer at Gong Kedak Air Force Base which managed up to 1200 personnel. “Racoon” has held the appointment as a Directing Staff at the Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College for 2 years, with the responsibility to teach, guide and mentor Army, Navy and Air Force senior officers (of Major rank) from Malaysia and international participants from almost 30 countries.

At the Operational level, “Racoon” has the experience in managing Flight Safety for all the Peninsular Malaysia operational bases in the RMAF, with the appointment as No 1 Division Safety Officer. He has held the appointment of Staff Officer 1 (SO 1) Exercise in RMAF Operations Headquarters, which was involved in the coordination and organization of  Bilateral and Multilateral flying, simulation and ground exercises between the forces in the Malaysian Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) and foreign Armed Forces. He was involved in the coordination of 4 Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA 03, 05, 07 & 09) in dealing with local and foreign participants as the flying coordinator for the air display program.

“Racoon” retired in 2017 and has been with Check-6 since March 2018. He is actively involved in training on Performance Excellence, Plan Based Execution, High Reliability Leadership and Management, Procedures and Processes, Crew Resource Management and giving solutions to challenges faced by various organizations. This includes offshore theory and practical training.

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