When a military aviator says “Check Six,” he’s communicating to another pilot to check his most vulnerable position.  The implicit contract from one pilot to another is: “I have your back,” and is central to the exceptional teamwork that ensures mission success.

Our goal is to be the partner clients can rely on to fulfill their own missions. It made sense to express our commitment right up front, in our name…Check-6®. It reminds us of our commitment, each and every day, to help our customers build the very best self-supporting teams, which deliver exceptional performance and ensure operational success.

ORIGINS– Check-6® was conceived as a validation of applying best practices from commercial and military aviation to the offshore oil industry as proposed by Rhona Flin, Ph.D., a leading expert in industrial psychology. You can download her white paper below.

EVOLUTION– Initially Check-6® focused on Crew Resource Management to reduce operational errors and improve emergency response, and Plan Based Execution to improve reliability and efficiency. However, our clients quickly realized that our coaches proved to be invaluable mentors to all levels of leadership, adept program managers, and effective facilitators of organizational change.

Today, Check-6® also employs synergistic software and analytic solutions with our consulting to support operational processes, provide measurable compliance & performance data,  and ensure sustainable results.  We are now partnering with energy,  transportation, mining, construction, rail, manufacturing, and other diverse industries to deliver change management services, and operational performance improvements globally.

Check-6 is a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business and are proud to hire fellow veterans who use their extensive military training and leadership experience to assist other high-hazard/high-consequence industries: onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling operations, manufacturing, rail and transportation.  Since the company began in 2007, Check-6 has paid well more than $100,000,000 in compensation to battle-tested veterans who provide specialized services to the private sector. The people of Check-6 are former fighter pilots, TOPGUN instructors and Navy SEALS who have partnered with clients around the globe by instilling proven best practices in leadership, process discipline, and continuous improvement team cultures.  The result is unprecedented improvements in customer safety and efficiency measured in billions of dollars.

As change management experts, we focus on the development and implementation of continuous improvement in human performance.

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