In 2007, Check-6 Founder Brian “Bru” Brurud received a phone call from Gordon Tschritter, a Drilling Engineer, tasked with managing two Deepwater Rigs in the GOM. Many jobs were being done twice due to lack of standardization and procedural discipline, so he was looking for a way to improve the safety and efficiency of his crews. Tschritter had just read a white paper written by a researcher from the University of Aberdeen, Rhona Flin, PhD, stating the Oil and Gas Industry would be well-served if they applied best practices from military aviators and astronauts to their daily operations. Tschritter asked Brurud if he could create a training syllabus, using those lessons learned and deploy it to his drilling crews. Brurud said “YES” and Check-6 was born, committed to becoming the world’s premiere performance improvement company.

As change management experts, we focus on the development and implementation of continuous improvement in human performance.

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