Project Manager

“Dev” joined Check-6 in 2015 as a Coach and is currently serving as a Project Manager.

He is an experienced Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) Officer who retired after serving more than 30 years at the rank of Lt Colonel. “Dev” is a qualified helicopter pilot and experienced training officer who is well-trained trained in safety. He is a Qualified Instructor and has extra qualification as an Instructor in the Law of Armed Conflict (International Humanitarian Law). He has worked in all 3 levels of the Armed Forces – Tactical, Operational and Strategic.

“Dev” has excellent management, leadership and interpersonal skills. He holds a Master of Management in Defence Studies (MMDS) from the University of Canberra, Australia.

He has attended numerous flying, management, strategic and leadership courses and programs locally and internationally. “Dev” has also been awarded various awards, honours and medals including honours from the Minister of Defence and His Majesty, the King of Malaysia.

Prior to joining Check-6, Mr. Peters was a business attorney in private practice where he advised domestic and international clients with all facets of business, including strategic business planning and operations. 

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