A Grade Above: The Amazon Warehouse Project

Have you ordered anything from Amazon lately? If so, you are not alone.
Due to ease of ordering and COVID-19, Amazon is busier than ever, which necessitates some new warehouses to store the items we are buying.
In Stockton California, Amazon has teamed up with Teichert, a major construction company in northern California to grade an immense property for a new warehouse and parking lot. Immense may be an understatement. The building is 650,000 Sq ft with 1,000,000 Sq feet of parking. All of it has to be graded properly: done right the first time. So that’s where Check-6 comes in.

Our performance coaches, William “Woody” Woodfin and John “John Boy” Richter are both honored, retired military men who are using their decades of experience to assist in the Planned Based Execution style, supporting a Debrief Culture, leadership mentoring and situational awareness.
Still buying things off of Amazon? The company’s primary contractor is already planning another bigger warehouse on the adjacent property.
If your company needs the experience of a team of veterans who know the importance of getting it done right the first time, contact us and we can walk through any challenges you face.

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