Accelerating Human Performance Worldwide

Healthcare costs have been steadily rising over the past few years.  Now more than ever it is vital for hospitals and clinics around the world to provide quality healthcare to patients while operating at the highest level of efficiency to ensure their financial health for years to come.

At Check-6®, we partner with companies dedicated to reducing human error.  With a focus on optimizing human performance and team behaviors, we’re able to significantly improve procedural compliance and operational efficiency.  Our proven methodology Performance Excellence®, a multifaceted foundation tailored to meet client objectives, reinforces vital behaviors that eliminate the main source of error resulting in improved human performance.  By focusing on the people, we’re able to bring a level of accountability across organizations resulting in improved operational excellence.

Everyone has a specific vision for the future of their organization. With that vision comes many challenges that must be addressed in order to realize that vision.  At Check-6, our consultants are the leading experts in understanding and improving Human Performance.  They work closely with you and your team to provide customized solutions and measurable KPIs that address improving quality of care, increasing profitability while achieving operational excellence.  Our clients trust us to cut through the complexity of these challenges in order to attain target outcomes and affect meaningful change in healthcare organizations.

Performance Excellence® Services:

  • Leadership Development and Mentoring Programs

  • Virtual Training Workshops

  • Operational Performance Assessments

  • Human Factors Awareness Training

  • Crew Resources Management (CRM) Workshops

  • High Reliability Operations (HRO) Campaigns

  • Organizational Alignment Consulting

  • Process and Procedural Optimization and Standardization

  • Safety and Compliance

  • Management of Change

COVID-19 Digital and Paper Checklists

Managing risk and ensuring compliance during COVID-19

  • Entry Point Personnel Screening

  • Individual Personnel Pre-Screening prior to workplace arrival

  • Sanitizing Facility Procedures from Coronavirus

  • Reducing the Risk of Coronavirus Exposure in the Workplace

Check-6 Chief Medical Advisor

David “Super Dave” Wassell, MD

From Fighter Pilot to renowned Orthopedic Surgeon and Chief of Staff at Baptist Health Stuttgart, meet David “Super Dave” Wassell. Dr. Wassell has successfully combined two very unique and challenging careers, giving him the experience and expertise to advise and consult with Check-6 clients.  In fact he soloed on his 16th birthday and earned his license the following year. “Super Dave” entered the Air Force Academy, majoring in military history. Following in his father’s footsteps, he became a fighter pilot, as an Instructor on the T-37..  He then flew with the Arkansas Air National Guard in Ft. Smith with the Flying Razorbacks, piloting the F-16, and flew combat missions over Bosnia as part of Operation Decisive Edge in 1996.

Super Dave decided to leave the cockpit and head to medical school, becoming an orthopedic surgeon. He is the Chief of Staff at Baptist Health Stuttgart in Arkansas. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Check-6 medical team. Close to $17 billion is spent on medical mistakes every year in the US, and some 100,000 people die as a result. He feels the medical field and community desperately need the cultural experience, knowledge and checklists that Check-6 can bring to help avoid mistakes and save lives.

Intubation checklist performance has positive impact on patient care

Timely performance of life-saving critical procedures is a cornerstone of Emergency Medicine. In many cases Endotracheal intubation, a fundamental airway management skill, is often performed without luxury of time for preparation of patients or equipment. This, combined with the technical difficulty of the procedure itself can translate into a high-risk situation resulting in critical medical errors.

Set in a high-fidelity simulation environment with a difficult airway, use of a checklist allowed operators to move approximately three (3) times faster to meet airway related critical actions. Participating residents unanimously agreed that this checklist had a favorable impact on patient care and strongly suggested the incorporation of checklists into selected medical procedures.

For detailed information, click the “Download White Paper” link below….

Check-6 Emergency Response Support Team supports client “crew change” to minimize risk of Coronavirus exposure

As worldwide attention around COVID-19 continues to accelerate, Check-6 remains committed to the safety and well being of our clients, co-workers, and business partners.

In an effort to meet client needs during this unprecedented time, the following Check-6 services focused on minimizing risk of Coronavirus exposure were provided for a client in Malaysia:

Project Management:

  • Establishing an “Airlock” facility prior to mobilization to offshore installation

  • Identifying and securing recourses to support this project

  • Managing personnel entry/exit during the observation period

Training & Mentoring:

  • Conducting Performance Excellence Leadership and Crew Resource Management workshops

  • 1-1 Coaching to improve human performance and maintain competency

Consulting Services:

  • Create and implement Produce Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in conjunction with COVID-19 challenges

The success of delivering this “Airlock” has caught the attention of other companies who have engaged Check-6 for similar activities.

For more information, Download the Case Study

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