That is what Check-6® can provide you through our HSSE Department. We have decades of experience in keeping your company safe, secure and in compliance. 

Vince “Bluto” Saporito is the VP of HSSEL for Check-6. He and his team provide health support, technical safety, security threat training and risk analysis to include “Active Shooters” instruction along with global environmental awareness. 


Check-6® Health, Safety, Security & Environmental is an academic, awareness and practical application part of our safety culture.  All the programs including the Instructors are certified by accredited institutions. We are proven experts in this industry. Check-6® is heavily sought after because of high inspection ratings and leadership performance.


Geared for: Oil and Gas

This is an essential academic and practical application course for any employee that is new to the Petroleum Industry, taught by a Petroleum Education Council (PEC) Certified Instructor. Safeland/Safegulf provides awareness to those consistently working in plant, dockside, onshore or offshore facilities. This is required for any employee of a company that does exploration, production, drilling and/or refining work for any of the leading operators. Check-6® administers all testing and the issue of certifications to all required safety prevention topics for onshore and offshore Oil Rig Operations. 


Geared for: Oil & Gas, Cargo Ships, Railways Systems and the Trucking Industry

The TRAP program creates an emergency response program following a terrorist event. We develop the process of designating safe havens, establish a protocol for addressing the public health impacts of the event and how to conduct salvage operations. 


Geared for: Oil and Gas

Also known as the Workplace Safety Rule that was issued in October 2010, it provides greater protection by supplementing operators’ SEMS programs with employee training. SEMS II empowers field level personnel with safety management decisions and strengthens auditing procedures by requiring them to be completed by independent third parties.



Geared for Mining

Check-6® administers Quantitative and Qualitative mask-fit testing. We prepare masks for fitting and assist with medical evaluation questionnaires. We administer, monitor and gauge pulmonary function with PortaCount machines. Upon completion, we will authorize certifications as results for all the above.


Geared for: Medical, General Business

In the wake of increased incidents of workplace violence, the active-shooter response training is necessary in all major businesses, schools, grocery stores, malls, entertainment venues and even churches. This instruction will provide training on how best to respond as an individual and as a group. The Run, Hide, Fight concept empowers the will to survive an active-shooter event.


(Drug/Alcohol testing)

HSSE Director Willie “Blacklion” Snellings is a certified DISA Representative.   He controls all Pre-Employment, Random Drug / Alcohol testing results and reporting for Check-6®.  The DISA’s drug testing solutions combines technology and screening innovations to deliver employee information quickly and accurately. The HSSE Director ensures the Check-6® testing consortium is done through the North American Substance Abuse Program (NASAP) and North American Background Screening (NABSC).  Check-6® effectively manages their hiring and employee screening requirements under one comprehensive service umbrella. Regardless of the type of industry or unique policy requirements, Check-6® carries DISA Global Solutions to make it easier and transparent to hire the right people for the job and to manage the business of world-wide safety smoothly and efficiently.


The HSSE Director, Willie “Black Lion” Snellings is the ISNetworld Account holder. ISNetworld is a global database which is, in essence the Check-6® Report Card.  ISNetworld writes, “Because of the sustained outstanding grades Check-6® keeps with clients, you were selected to write a testimonial to be posted on the ISN website”. Responsible for the management and day-to-day operations of plants, facilities or job sites for Check-6® utilizing ISNetworld, Snellings and his team streamline the process of collecting and maintaining safety written policies, insurance, quality and regulatory information.  Check-6® maintains compliance for more than 27 major clients worldwide.  The Check-6® testimonial letter is posted on www.isnetworld.com/customers-contractors.

Check-6® incorporates the training and technical support needed for personnel to ensure their compliance with all federal and state safety and health regs through practical application of safety principles, standards and analytics. Check-6 carries 44 HSE programs, which are revised quarterly and updated annual by the HSSE Director. All programs follow policies and procedures within the subject of OSHA General Industries. Here’s what HSSE can provide your company:

  • Company Policy on Safety Committees
  • Safety Rules, Training, Continuous Improvement & Code of Safe Practices
  • Company Policy for Toxic & Hazardous Materials
  • Disciplinary Procedures 
  • Driving Safety
  • Fatigue Management
  • First Aid, CPR
  • Hand & Power Tools
  • Hazard Communication
  • Company Safety Policies & Procedures
  • Hazard ID Risk Assessment
  •  Incident Investigation Reporting
  •  QA Job Competency
  •  Ladder Stairs
  •  Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  •  Management Of Change (MOC)
  •  OSHA Reporting
  •  Heat Illness Prevention
  •  Behavior Based training,   
  •  Short Service Employee (SSE)
  •  Respiratory
  •  Hearing
  •  Electrical
  •  Lock Out/Tag Out
  •  Confined Space
  •  Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
  •  Hot Work
  •  Fire Safety
  •  Emergency Action Plan 
  •  Excavation
  •  CAL / OSHA Injury & Illness
  •  NORM
  •  Asbestos
  •  Fall Protection
  •  Scaffolds
  •  Drug/Alcohol
  •  Offshore HUET BOSIET
  •  Fit for Work
  •  Manual Lifting
  •  Maritime Transportation
  •  Rigging Offshore
  •  Incentive Plan
  •  Gas Hazards

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