Chief Operations Officer

Jason “Mac” McAlister is the Chief Operations Officer at Check-6 Int. – a military based organization that has brought best practices from combat and commercial aviation to industry. Check-6 is the one operationally-proven solutions partner with elite military leadership experience that embeds people, processes and technology to deliver lasting results.

Jason is the co-founder of Check-6 Training Systems, Check-6 Int.’s technology & training division. As co-founder he developed the concept and business model to build a team of technical professionals to support and source the needs of the parent company as it matured from services only to an entrée of service and product offerings.

During the 6 years with Training Systems, he has filled the role of CTO, COO and President. But not in that order. Starting at the top and moving down, continuously looking to fill the seat with more capably people than himself. Surrounding himself with good, competent people and empowering them is his idea of success.

Jason has moved from Training Systems to Check-6 Int. He sits on the Check-6 Board of Directors. He is a Board appointed officer and currently is charged with diversification into new industries.

Prior to Check-6, Jason founded Wraith Systems LLC, where he is still President and CEO. He spent 8 years at Lockheed Martin working in pilot training on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. From that experience he developed and built the first F-35 desktop trainer HOTAS (stick and throttle) for the pilot training simulator.

Jason spent 23 years in the military: a combination of Marine Corps and Navy. Jason spent his first 4 years in Force Recon. Using the GI Bill, he earned his degree from University of Nevada-Reno. He received a commission in the Marine Corps, attended TBS in Quantico, VA and shortly after flight school in Pensacola, FL. He flew AV-8B Harriers. After a transfer to the Navy, he spent his remaining 8 years as a flight instructor training student Naval Aviators in the T-45 Goshawk. Jason retired in 2012 as Lieutenant Commander, USNR.

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