VP, Global Sales, Eastern Hemisphere

David Hazell commenced his front line flying career in 1989 on the F4 Phantom from RAF Wattisham in England in the Air Defence role with 56 (F) Squadron. Converted to the Tornado F3 in 1992 joining 29 (F) Squadron where he flew several operational tours over Bosnia as part of Operation Deny Flight and numerous multinational exercises out of Nellis and Alaska.

Whilst completing the Qualified Weapons Course (Top Gun) in 1995 he was forced to eject from his burning aircraft and was lucky to survive after spending time in rough seas without his dinghy. He was then posted back to 29 (F) Squadron before being selected for exchange duties with the US Navy flying the F14 Tomcat with VF 101 for 3 years out of NAS Oceana.

On his return to Europe he was an instructor on the NATO Top Gun course, Tactical Leadership Program, in Belgium. During this tour he was selected to spend time instructing on the Mig 29 with the Polish Air Force in Warsaw.

He returned to the UK as a flight commander on the F3 Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) where his duties included supervising the Tornado F3 Aerobatic Display for 2 years before attending Advanced Staff College in 2004.

On promotion to Wing Commander he spent 18 months in London at the Ministry of Defence before being selected to command the F3 OCU where he was responsible for all F3 aircrew training from ab-initio to the Top Gun course. Additionally he was responsible for the Standards in the F3 fleet. He merged this squadron with an operational squadron to form the largest fast jet squadron in the RAF responsible for training and sustainment of an operational capability.

He spent time in Afghanistan as the Air Advisor to NATO during which he led the planning for the uplift of 30000 US troops into the country in 2010. He was commended for the way he managed the risks, logistics and cultural issues during this project.

Nutty completed his RAF career with a tour in MOD responsible for Cyber Operations. He accumulated nearly 3000 hours in numerous types of aircraft.

After leaving the RAF in 2011 Nutty worked in program management in the Financial Services sector. He joined Check 6 in March 2014.

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