When a military aviator says “Check-6,” he’s communicating to another pilot to check his most vulnerable position.  The implicit contract from one pilot to another is: “I have your back,” and is central to the exceptional teamwork that ensures mission success.


Given our goal to be the partner clients can rely on to fulfill their own missions, it made sense to express our commitment right up front, in our name…Check-6. It reminds us of our commitment, each and every day, to help our customers build the very best self-supporting teams, which deliver exceptional performance and ensure operational success.

It all started with a phone call in 2006 from a Houston Drilling Engineer, Gordon Tschritter to Brian “Bru” Brurud. Tschritter was telling Brurud about a white paper he had read from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, which concluded that the oil and gas industry would be well-served if the people in those industries would take lessons learned from military aviators and astronauts. The author made the assumption that the people in those high-reliability industries had high-level training in leadership and efficiency that would serve the oil and gas industry well. Tschritter asked Brurud if he would be willing to write a syllabus for this new training and teach it to his crews, and the answer was a resounding “Yes!” So Check-6 was born.

Unique to Check-6, our consulting professionals and coaches hail from high-consequence work environments – mostly military and aviation – where failure is not an option — and lives and futures are at stake.

In such high-turnover organizations where relatively inexperienced crews confront high-risk situations, every individual – from the back office to the front line – represents an opportunity for failure but must be counted on to perform exactly as needed, every time. Intentionally managed culture, systems and processes, technology, leadership and training combine to produce exceptional results even in the most stressful, fully visible, high-consequence situations.

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