Our proven methodology, Performance Excellence®, is a multifaceted foundation tailored to meet client objectives who are dedicated to reducing human error while sustaining a culture of continuous improvement.  Using advanced training techniques and customized protocols, we deliver tailored solutions to high hazard, high consequence industries worldwide resulting in a new culture of workforce excellence.

By instilling and reinforcing vital behaviors that eliminate human error, we are able to reduce risk and lower costs while improving safety and operational efficiency.  Through a pro-active approach focused on building high reliability organizations, your people have the ability to get the job done right the 1st time…… EVERY TIME.

By focusing on the three interdependent aspects of each client’s unique organizational culture, Check-6 partners with our clients to align their organization to common goals, reduce human error, optimize processes and teams, and outperform the competition through Performance Excellence®.  Our coaches listen to your needs, then work hand-in-hand with your teams to provide training and mentoring to increase operational efficiency and safety.


We improve performance and efficiency by introducing changes in behavior. We can help minimize your risk and enhance the performance of your teams.


Your company needs to be efficient, disciplined, and comply with your industry’s standards. We can embed our coaches to teach active communication techniques and continual improvement in your teams.


We bring our coaches onsite with your teams to develop a stronger culture of teamwork, so everyone knows their job well, it is communicated well, so that human error is dramatically reduced.


Performance Excellence® is a comprehensive, hands-on training program based on a “Plan Based Execution” model for continuous improvement. Our coaches work with your team in their working environment, focused on sustaining improvements in operational efficiency and safety. Periodic roundtable discussions are held with leaders to assess progress and immediately incorporate lessons learned into the plan to ensure success. This comprehensive methodology uses simple techniques and industry-proven solutions that train organizations to manage change, minimize risk, and enhance the performance of their people, processes and systems.


A partnering campaign or alliance is developed with Technology Companies requiring consulting services to implement their software products to their customers.  This collaborative approach delivers a smooth transition from initial software sales to product understanding and application by the end-user.


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