Every high-reliability organization needs checklists in order to reduce human error and ensure reliability.  Our proprietary RIGOR® Digital Checklist System operationalizes procedures so steps and supporting digital resources are referenced at the time and place of job execution. Each action a user takes is recorded, producing a data stream to document compliance and facilitate best practice discovery and formalization to improve safety, quality, and efficiency.  It is an invaluable tool to enhance your company’s culture and performance.

RIGOR® allows us to gather data easier and be able to drill down instead of walking around with a binder and ticking off papers that just go in a box. – Assistant Plant Manager

The RIGOR® DCS works synergistically with Performance Excellence® consulting and provides your organization with:

✅  Operationalized Procedures

✅  Verifiable Compliance

✅  Increased Reliability

✅  Reduction in Systemic Error

✅  Performance Analysis

✅  Best Practice Formalization


Visualize, interpret, and maximize the power of your data.

Rigor Analytics® leverages the industry-tested power of Tableau® business intelligence software to help our clients visualize, interpret, and maximize the power of their data.


Through intuitive, interactive displays, RIGOR® Analytics provides:

✅  Analysis of compliance, quality, and performance to target the issues that will have the greatest effect on your safety, efficiency, and bottom line

✅  Data exploration and drill down to analyze and reveal compliance and performance at the organizational, department, checklist, and individual worker level

✅   Benchmarking to allow easy measurement of performance improvement initiatives

✅  Predictive trends to highlight early deviation recognition and facilitate leadership action that are not available through lagging statistics and after-action audits

Well-designed checklists improve the reliability of an entire organization, not just a single task.

Most importantly, checklists produce predictable, reliable results.

Case Study: Digitizing the Job Safety Analysis – Reliable Performance

High reliability organizations (HROs) are characterized by their requirement to get it right the first time, every time.

Case Study: Chemical delivery, DOT, and Oil Field Services

In today’s complex, rapidly changing marketplace, it is critical that organizations can respond quickly based on real-time data.

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