That’s what happens for the operator when they use our Rig Move Excellence® program.

Our crews have had years of military experience moving equipment safely, securely and quickly. We have assisted in more than 3600 rig moves, with a 98.5% success rate in reducing ‘flat time’ between rig release on one pad to spud on the next. We assist during the rig-up, rig-down and logistics in-between to assist with bringing your rigs back online quickly and safely every time.  Our Check-6® RME database provides detailed benchmarks, analytics and efficiencies worldwide. In most cases, we are able to cut ½ of the time per stage off fracking operations.


As the Operator or Drilling Contractor some questions to ask yourself about the Rig Move phase and operations leading up to the rig move:

When drilling the reservoir section of the well where do you want your wellsite Leadership to focus their attention?

Where is the most risk during drilling operations? Drilling the last 500ft of the lateral? Or tripping out of the hole with several thousand feet of open hole in the reservoir section?

How often does your rig team move the rig?

What is your largest flat time segment of a well?


What Check-6 Rig Move Excellence® can do for our clients:

Provide on-site Rig Move Coach or Rig Move Specialist to Facilitate all aspects of the rig move process

• Work with you to develop a plan for the move with the rig site leadership

• Brief the plan with the rig move leadership and the trucking company

• Communicate with the operator, drilling contractor, and trucking company in order to work as a team

• Execute the plan and adjust the plan as required

• Conduct an After Action Review and capture lessons learned


Often many of the people involved have never worked with each other or have not moved this rig at all. What Check-6 can provide is:

The Check-6 RME Tool box is developed to support:​

• Planning and scheduling​

• Communication​

• Execution management​

• Data capture​

• Operational Safety Enhancement

• Detailed and structured Pre-Rig meetings, incorporating plan, brief, execute, debrief methodology




Rig Move Excellence Came About as a Solution to a Frustration in the Drilling Industry. 

Back in 2007, a deep-water drilling engineer in the Gulf of Mexico and was increasingly frustrated with his crews doing things twice, and incurring too many injuries. He had read a white paper from a PhD from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.  Dr.Rhona Flin surmised that the oil field would be well-served if companies employed the experience and leadership of military aviators to help companies consistently trap human error.

He made a phone call one Sunday afternoon to Brian “Bru” Brurud, and wanted to know if this former fighter pilot could devise a curriculum he could implement among his crews. Following the implementation of the syllabus, his crews saw a dramatic turnaround. He found tremendous ROI when the Check-6 team was working with companies to improve their efficiency and profitability with the Rig Move Excellence® program. In fact, now the Rig Move Excellence® team is moving rigs all over the world: everywhere from Midland Texas to Saudi Arabia, assisting clients in cutting days off rig moves, doing things right, doing things once, and vastly improving our clients’ bottom line.

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