Performance Coach

“Shiv” is a versatile, knowledgeable & qualified Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) Officer, having retired as a Lt Col after serving 34 years with the RMAF. He has served in various capacities at different levels in the (MAF) as a Warfare Instructor, Management & Leadership Instructor, and other operational and training appointments. He is extremely competent at all levels of training with emphasis on Strategic & Operational management and training in specific areas of competency.

He has been involved in the planning, certification & implementation of ISO 9001:2008 at the Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College (MAFSC) including the internal & external audit processes.  He worked at the Defence Operations & Training Division and the Malaysian Joint Warfare Centre (MJWC) in planning for joint and combined exercises (training) within the Malaysian Armed Forces and/or foreign defence forces.

“Shiv” was responsible for the planning and coordination of Court Martials with the Legal Department in the Ministry of Defence. This involved reviewing legal doctrines & Board of Inquiries. Integrity trust and honesty is considered as an essential virtue in day to day activities in order not to endanger the faith placed by the different strata of agencies or organisations.  He possesses excellent management capabilities, leadership, good communication and interpersonal skills.  He s competent in the Law of Armed Conflict (International Humanitarian Law) and other operational laws, and holds a Master of Management (MM) from University of Malaysia.

“Shiv” has been trained in Safety, Health & Environment matters & assists in addressing issues concerning HSSE to minimise or eradicate adverse conditions in any place of work.  He has also represented the country as an Observer in a UN mandated mission in Mindanao, Philippines. He has received various awards, honours and medals at Federal, State & Ministry level.

“Shiv” joined Check-6 in February 2018 as a Coach.

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