Performance Coach

“Joe” is a highly decorated and experienced Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) Officer who has served more than 35 years, with the present rank of Lt Colonel. He has worked in the Administrative Branch holding various appointments, such as Second in Command, Officer in Command, Staff Officer, Logistic Officer, Instructor and Training Consultant. Total Quality Management (TQM) Consultant, Vocational Training Officer and trained in Safety and Health. He is a qualified Instructor and has extra qualification as a Vocational Training Officer Level 3. He has worked internationally under the United Nations and in all the 3 levels of the Armed Forces, Tactical, Operational and Strategic. Has attended the Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College and the Royal Malaysian Police Senior Officers College.

Raised in Jitra, Kedah, “Joe” began his professional career in the Malaysian Armed Forces as an Army Cadet Officer at the Officers Cadet School (OCS) at Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan from 1983-1984. He was commissioned into the Royal Malaysian Military Police on 25th August 1984. “Joe” has also worked under the United Nations with United Nation and African Union Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) and was deployed as a Liaison Officer, instructor for UNAMID Induction Courses and trainer for the Train the Trainer for UNAMID.

Currently he is a coach with Check-6 Bakti (Malaysia) which is also a performance leadership company comprised exclusively of fighter/logistics pilots and Special Operations operatives. Check-6 Bakti Inc (Malaysia) likewise Check-6, Inc takes best practices from the most dangerous operations on earth and tailors training solutions, using their elite military training to benefit those industries seeking a “high-reliability” culture/performance and continuous improvement.

“Joe” has a Master’s degree (with distinctions) in Management, from the University of Malaysia. He possesses a high level of leadership traits and capabilities along with tactful interpersonal skills. He is a consultant on Competency Based and Training Assessment (CBTA) and Total Quality Management (TQM) and has vast experience in training (individual as well as collective) and establishing vocational training centre’s in the Armed Forces. He has vast experience also in conducting motivational, leadership and teamwork workshops in Malaysia for colleges, corporate bodies and government agencies.

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