Our team consists of former military officers who use their elite backgrounds to provide leadership and efficiency training for complex, high consequence environments. We offer workshops and events to assist your company in sharing our proven methodology and expertise to help your teams improve human performance.


This is a disciplined, structured workshop designed to lead and introduce the audience to the debrief culture. Critical to the success of military and aviation operations, this event is facilitated by Check-6 coaches. It begins with a stated objective, followed by identifying lessons learned and defining best practices for immediate implementation into subsequent plans, to accelerate continuous improvement. By focusing on a specific client activity/event, allows participants to rapidly reconstruct and analyze operational performance. The debrief is the first step in fueling continuous improvement of teams.


Our facilitated planning events involve front line personnel and management. These events are a natural progression to a facilitated debrief, in which lessons learned can be immediately applied to plans. Processes are standardized, to include comprehensive risk assessment and contingencies, so planning is more complete.


Individually, or in series, we deliver customized hands-on workshops and briefing labs that result in elevated communication. These workshops focus on individual, group and leadership communication skills, required to becoming a high performing team.



Check-6 keynote presentations are entertaining, informative and captivating. Delivered by high-energy dynamic speakers, personal experiences and sometime tragic lessons learned are shared from diverse backgrounds, including commercial and military aviation, Naval carrier operations and special warfare. Customized to the theme of the event, these powerful presentations bring not only insight, but the ability to correlate and connect to issues that support and reinforce client values and vision.


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Willie “Blacklion” Snellings showing the safest, most efficient way to change a tire in the NASCAR program.

One of the more sought-after programs is NASCAR, where it is an interactive exercise; a race against time. It has everything to do with Planned Based Execution. The team has an objective as to how quickly they can rotate the tires, like on Pit Row. The team plans and briefs the objective, then they execute on how many times you can change the tire in a short time frame.The team debriefs the following team so they can learn from their experience. It is based on efficiency, safety and teamwork. 

More than 95% of Check-6 personnel have Special Operational experience from the Armed Forces. We understand the importance of saving lives, property and equipment. As the world’s premiere performance improvement company, we insert elite military leadership experience into organizations that are striving to manage change. The ultimate end result is to minimize risk while enhancing team performance and procedural discipline. 

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